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Virtual World Organization of Wrestling

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What is W.o.W.?

Hi evry fan of wrestling from all over the world!I know that there are thoulsands,millions of proffesional wrestling fans and admirers,but I am the biggest,the craziest fan of wrestling you ever seen.Ireally love this sports and I give all my inspiration,my passion and my energy to support it.And the greatest thing that the wrestling fan could have are the wrestling games.I know that lot's of you wished to become the superstar of the proffesional wrestlingYou have the passion,you have the inspiration you have the big dessire to be the part of it,but you don't have the body needed for this sports.I know this sucks and I have the same problem.My heart is huge like the mountain,my passion is bigger than the nuclear explosion,but my body is tiny like an ant.But don't get upset there is allways the way to go and that way is wrestling games.Wrestling games are very important for me.Playing the wrestling games you can do that,what is impossible in the real life.It gives you the oportunity to create your own wrestling empire and be the boss of it.Now my virtual wrestling federation roster couns more than 45 created wrestlers.But first of all I wanted to thank my homie T.J.,who helped me to create all this wrestling empire.This all started 8 years ago.I have bought my first ever wrestlig game for PS one and it was the good old WCW:Mayhem.I spend lot of my time playing this game and  first time ever I have opened the door of create a wrestler world.My first ever created wrestler in WCW:Mayhem was the hardcore king the bad boy gangster named Nas.In the WCW:Mayhem me & T.J have created two stables and his first fighter was the sadistic,the dirtiest submission machine Nelly.My second wrestling game on PS one was WWF Smackdown 2.Iwas very happy when Igot this game.Better graphics,better gameplay and a new roster of WWF superstars.And my first ever and my favourite CAW of Smackdown 2 was the king of Horror master of Hell El Diablo and not forget his ex partner and now his enemy Scull(created by T.J).My next wrestling game was WWF:Smackdown! but here Ihave created only one fighter from Russia named Michail (Now he is the General Manager of "TnT").When Iaquired PS2 I bought all wrestling games for this console(except wwf:Shut your mouth!).And in the wwe:svr me and T.J  have created all of our CAWS(Now they are the part of our roster in WWE:SVR 2006).
 What is W.o.W.?
I have writen all about the history of W.o.W.,but you may ask me what the hell is  this W.o.W?O.K now I'm going to write you about it more detailed.World Organization of Wrestlig (virtual) is my created wrestling federation on PS2.And just like WWE have two brands:Smackdown! and RAW our federation have two brands(Shows).The first one is TnT created by me (C.A.T.) and the second one is FCWX created by T.J. Recently,when I saw first ECW fights,it inspired me to create  Extreme Wrestling Division,the place for the dirtiest,agresive and sadistic guys.I called it ESW(Extreme Street Wrestling).Every division have created  titles,GM,and fighters roster just like in the real wrestling federation.The W.o.W have 7 single & 2 tag team  titles(Except 4 single and one tag team titles  of the ESW.)
Fights organized between our fighters are playable on the  PS2 with the WWE:SVR 2006 in the COM vs COM mode  so it gives the 100% fair play.And if you are interested in W.o.W.,you can find all the information about W.o.W  CAWS,their movesets,biographies,achievments and also onthis website you can find info about all the TnT and  FCWX  fights and titleholders.Thank you all for visiting our  website  and if you have some questions or  advices write me