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Virtual World Organization of Wrestling

The Movesets & Entrances for W.o.W. CAWS

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The Movesets & Entrances for W.o.W. CAWS
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Strike attacks:
Big Boot 1
Toe Kick 1
Shuffle Side Kick 3
Clothesline 3
Throat Thrust 3
Ring-In:Over the rope
Ring-Out:Backward ring out
Fighting Stance:Mysterious1
Walking Motion:Normal
Running Motion:Normal
Grapple moves:
Guillotine 1
Eye Rake 1
Head Pound
Triple H Choke
Eye Rake 1
Headlock 2
Snapmare & Neck Lock 2
Headlock 4
Bear Hug 2
Snapmare & Neck Lock 1
Move Category 1:Power
Giant Push
Clothesline 21
Clothesline 19
Scoop Slam 4
Choke Toss
Move Category 2:Power
Full Nelson Slam 1
Batista Lifting & Toss
Oklahoma Slam
Powerbomb 13
Kane Lifting & Toss
Move Category 3:Brawler
Choke 3
Mat Slam
Throat Thrust 6
Back Club
Headlock Punch 2
Grapple Attacks:
1-st Grapple body attack 1
2-nd Grapple elbow strike 2
3-rd Grapple body attack 2
Grapple from Behind:
Full Nelson Slam 2
Backbreaker 4
DDT 17
Pumphandle Slam
Sidewalk Slam 5
(GY Moves are the Same)
Top of Cell Attack:
Chokeslam 1
Strike Attacks:
Angry Stomp
Double Axe Handle 4
Elbow Drop 1
Grapple Moves:
Mounted Punching 4
Darkness Choke
Camel Clutch 4
Single Leg Crab 2
Punch to Groin
Knee Smash 2
Strike Attacks:
Running Shoulder Attack 1
Turnbuckle Clothesline 2
Knee Attack 1
Grapple Moves:
Super Chokeslam
Knee Strike 3
Kane Strikes
Body Strikes
Pump Up Buster
Grapple From Behind:
Super Tornado Bomb
Forearm to Back
Turnbuckle Smash
Side Slam 3
Toss into Ringpost
Groggy on Ropes:
Big Boot 4
Rebound Attack:
Clothesline 11
Double Axe Handle 5
Vaulting Body Press 2
Diving out of Ring Attack:
Vaulting Body Press 1
Diving Attack vs Standing Opponent:
Diving Spear
Flying Clothesline 2

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